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Changsha Czc Technology Co., LTD​
Leading Manufacturer Specialized In Silicon Product
16 Years on OEM Exporting Service
airfryer silicone baking tray

Silicone Baking Tray Foldable Air Fryer Cake Pan Reusable

Product Name:

Silicone Baking Tray For Air Fryer


Food-grade silicone


23 cm x 23 cm (9 inches x 9 inches)


Red, Blue, Blue, Grey,Etc.

Temperature Resistance:

Up To 230°C (446°F)


Compatible With Most Standard Air Fryer Models


Non-Stick Surface


Easy To Clean

Dishwasher Safe


Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Store In A Cool, Dry Place When Not In Use


500 pieces

Product Description

Versatile Design: Our Silicone Foldable Air Fryer Cake Pan is a multifunctional tray that can be used for baking cakes, brownies, cookies, and more in your air fryer.
Space-saving Foldable Design: The tray can be easily folded for compact storage, making it perfect for small kitchens and saving valuable cabinet space.
Durable Silicone Material: Made of high-quality silicone that is flexible, durable, and food-grade safe, ensuring long-lasting use for all your baking needs.
Non-stick Surface: The silicone tray features a non-stick coating that allows for easy release of baked goods and effortless cleanup, without the need for parchment paper or cooking spray.
Temperature Resistance: With a high heat resistance up to 230°C (446°F), this tray can withstand the heat of your air fryer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, offering versatile cooking options.
Easy to Clean: Simply rinse the tray with warm, soapy water or place it in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning after use.
Eco-friendly Reusable Option: Say goodbye to disposable baking pans and parchment paper – this reusable silicone tray is a sustainable choice that reduces waste and is environmentally friendly.
Perfect Size: Available in multiple sizes (20 cm x 20 cm, 25 cm x 25 cm, 30 cm x 30 cm) to fit various air fryer models and accommodate different baking needs.
Ideal for All Baking Needs: Whether you’re baking cakes, casseroles, or even reheating leftovers, this versatile tray is a must-have kitchen accessory for every home chef.

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